Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You've Got Mail!

Just last week, a little passed midnight on June 11, after logging in to my JPG account, I realized there was something odd and peculiar looking about the site's interface. Whenever I made a comment on any of my contact's images, it appeared as if the photographer of that image had made the comment, including their user name and icon. As it was later discovered, read and write permissions were inadvertently made available to all users who were logged on during this brief time period.

JPG Magazine is one of my favorite online photo sharing sites which I've had the privilege of having my work published, both in their online and print media, but this breach is scary. Devin Hayes of JPG recently blogged about the hard drive on the application server going bad and also mentions about a "fairly critical bug in the server configuration that allowed a user to view another users messages."

To be fair, this can happen on any server and has happened to the best of them. The lesson learned is to remember every email and comment you make online, regardless of the site, can become public information. My advice to any one concerned is to delete personal email in your inboxes that you deem private or would not want to share outside of the sender and yourself. If the messages are important enough you can always print and hard file the old fashion way.

I came across this YouTube lecture between Google authors and internationally famed photographer "Joe McNally." It's much more than a video clip, extending an hour and 10 minutes, but if you have the time I'm sure you will discover something new and exciting and maybe inspirational from one of America's top shooters!

“There are no rules and regulations for perfect composition. If there were we would be able to put all the information into a computer and would come out with a masterpiece."

Shot at the Ronnie Van Zant Park in Lake Asbury, Fl

We know that's impossible. You have to compose by the seat of your pants.” ~ Arnold Newman