Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Branded Loyalty

Living only 75 miles from my front door and the world's most famous "Daytona Beach" in Northeastern Florida and host of the annual "Daytona Bike Week", I have the pleasure to photograph hundreds of beautiful bikes thundering through town on their way to arguably the most popular bike event in America!

I used a relatively simple method in Photoshop to bring out highlights that would have been lost in the original shot of this Harley Davidson. Here are the steps I used after I desaturated the image of all colors and deleted the background:
  1. Backed up original image
  2. Duplicated layer under the 'layer' tab (not the image tab)
  3. Added an 'Overlay'
  4. Ran a 'High Pass' under the 'filter' tab of 10 pixels
  5. Merged down under the 'layer' tab
  6. Saved image as
Don't worry too much through the process if your image looks a little strange. After you have saved the file your image will look much better. And of course do number one first.

Half the fun using post processing software is in the experimentation of different settings. Other variations and effects can be achieved by using soft light and hard light in the overlay and altering the high pass radius value.

Congratulations to John Adams aka ThePres6 as this year's artist to be featured in Easy Riders and V-Twin Magazines March issue! I have read and enjoyed both these publications for many years. John's work will be seen by more than 1.5 million viewers world wide!